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Newsletter – February 2019 ⋆ Listotic

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Welcome to the Listotic Newsletter

Here at, we face a number of frustrations as busy moms, daughters, friends, and co-workers. We wonder, is everyone having the same challenges? We are going to “over-share” for a moment with a “True Confession of a Busy Mom”, in hopes to create a better bond with you…our reader.

True Confession of a Busy Woman — Truth #1: I turn my ceiling fan on high when I have company over in hopes that guests do not see the dirt and dust building up around the edges of the ceiling fan blade.

I know I should just get a step ladder and clean it! But, when it comes to a 10 minute time window before company shows up, it’s usually the bathroom that gets all the attention. (Whisper voice: The bathroom is such a prima donna, why does it ALWAYS need all the attention?)

Let’s dish… do you have a truth or confession you are willing to share? Email us at: [email protected]

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