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Newsletter – June 2019 ⋆ Listotic

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June 2019 Newsletter

If you missed last month’s confession of a Busy Woman, click here.

My kids have been receiving small containers of slime for different holidays and party favors. Somehow, after a few days, these small containers of slime mysteriously disappear from the counter space they were last seen.


Confession: It’s me, I’m totally tossing them out after they have forgotten all about them. It’s simple, my kids love slime, and I do not. To be clear it has nothing to do with the mess it makes… well maybe a little… but I’ve always loved play dough AND that makes a huge mess. But play dough mess doesn’t bother me. I even have an easily accessible drawer to keep all the containers of play dough and tools… but slime – no. Slime is not welcome to “stick” around long at my house.

What are your thoughts on slime? Do you keep it around – if so how do you store it? Shoot us a message at [email protected] with your thoughts on slime…


Otherwise, keep reading for excellent recipes, tips and ideas from Listotic!

Alfredo Tortellini made in the Instant Pot.

What’s for Supper?

Ping Pong in the swimming pool. Great summertime activities.

Rockin’ Fun Summer!

Delicious strawberry smoothie recipe.

Cold Summer Drinks

Backyard games including twister - painted circles of red, blue, yellow and green.

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